Pampered Pawz 

Cochrane's Dog Trainer





2-6 month old Private Lesson

Imagine a puppy that knows all basic commands, doesn't potty in your house, and doesn't destroy your things! We will help your start your puppy off on the right track to being an amazing dog!

 Your puppy will learn:

-loose leash walking 

-go to your bed

-sit, down, and stay

-basic boundaries (ex.Stay out of kitchen) 

-crate training

-walking on a treadmill 

-sit politely for food 

-wait before going through doors

-house training (potty outside)


We will also be able fix any minor behavior issues such as jumping, digging, mild separation anxiety,stealing food, mild fears, chewing etc. 

3 lessons in our home/ in Cochrane and 1 lesson in your home. Additional charges apply if we need to travel to your home outside of Cochrane.

- All of the information you learn will also be given to you on paper, to refer back to.

Price: $325

Training leash included